Willamette Valley Stamp Show

March 2021




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Joe Voice


The US Navy Mass Flight of January 1937

Pasco WA

A Single-frame exhibit that tells the story of the mass flight of PBY-1 flying boats from San Diego to Pearl Harbor in January 1937

Eric Knapp


1978, Captain Cook, and the Anchorage Philatelic Society Non-competitive

Anchorage AK

How many versions of a cover can a club make?

Tim Bergquist


St. Paul Oregon 97137: Its Postal History since 1874

Eugene OR

Focuses on the postal history of St. Paul, Oregon since 1874 when its post office was established

Tim Bergquist


The Constitution of the U.S.A.: Illustrated

Eugene OR

This exhibit illustrates the various articles and amendments of the U.S. constitution using U.S. stamps

Nancy Swan


The Heraldic Lion

Medford OR


George Struble


Swiss Airmail to the U.S.: A Rate Study Non-competitive

Salem OR

A rich story of treatment and rates of airmail service; who knew a rate study could be this interesting?!

Catherine and Ken Gilbert


96 Elephants: The Story of Human-Elephant Interactions

Columbus OH

A brief history of human-elephant interactions, through stamps and covers

Mark Loomis


The "Admirals" of Southern Rhodesia Non-competitive

Tigard OR


Hobart Pillsbury


Trans-Atlantic Catapult Mail 1928-1935

Roanoke VA

French and German postal systems used catapult aircraft flights off passsenger ships from 1928 to 1935 to speed mail delivery between Europe and the Americas

Ralph Nafziger


The Albany, OR Post Office, a Century of Service 1850-1950
-- Non-competitive

Albany OR

The exhibit shows the 100-year developmentof the Albany, OR post office. The evolution of cancels, rates, raoutings, markings, and transit duration are shown

George Struble


1920 Basel-Frankfurt Airmail Service: What a Fiasco
 -- Non-competitive

Salem OR

The plane landed in Loerrach -- the German airport near Basel -- only 13 days, and only 102 pieces of mail were flown from Loerrach the entire period