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Greater Eugene Stamp Society (GESS)

Salem Stamp Society (SSS)


CLICK HERE to see the March 2021 exhibits.  The exhibits should be accessible for all of March 2021.

The Willamette Valley Stamp Exhibition will be held held virtually in March  2021, viewable on this site for the whole month of March. (There may be a few late-arriving exhibits not viewable until maybe March 3.)

The exhibits will be judged, and ribbons and certificates awarded.

In 1940 there was also a Willamette Valley Stamp Exhibition, in Salem, a collaboration of four stamp clubs: Salem Stamp Society, Corvallis Stamp Society, Eugene Stamp Society, and Oregon Stamp Society. Click heree to see a poster for that event.



All stamp collectors are encouraged to provide exhibits. This is meant to be a low-key friendly show.  George Struble, the exhibits chair, says this is in keeping with the first reason to exhibit: show your friends what you do.  Exhibits may be 1 to 6 frames.  No previous exhibiting experience is necessary.  In fact, exhibits that have won gold awards in WSP shows like PIPEX and SEAPEX are not eligible for competition in this Exhibition. See the Prospectus (button at the left) for details.

Collectors who are not exhibiting should view these exhibits, to learn more about aspects not in your primary collecting area -- and maybe some things in your area. Learn who has interests similar to yours. And wrap your mind around the idea of producing your own exhibit next year!